CLEE Capstone Archival Project


June 15, 2022

CLEE Graduates,

In accordance with our CLEE Cannon of Ethics, the CLEE Board continually evaluates the program and actively looks for ways to ensure we are providing the highest level of services to our profession.

We are pleased to announce a new service called the Capstone Archival Project. As you all know, the Capstone presentation is the culmination of your hard work throughout CLEE to address and improve an issue specific at your agency or local community.

The idea behind the Capstone Archival Project is to take the hard work you put into your Capstone project and put it into a searchable database where it can be a service to other police administrators throughout the State of Ohio. While each police agency has unique characteristics, it is likely that any issues your agency is facing may also being faced by other departments as well. If your Capstone has an excellent idea for improvement or innovation, this is a perfect opportunity to share your work with your peers. As police administrators, if you are facing a problem or need inspiration for a project, this Capstone Archival Database will be a great resource for you. Why reinvent the wheel if someone has tackled the issue as part of their CLEE studies? This database will allow you to search topics and put you in contact with the graduate who may be able to help you with your project.

To build this database and make this resource a success, we are asking all past graduates to submit their Capstone projects. Participation in this project is completely voluntary. You will receive 10 professional service points towards your CLEE recertification for submitting your Capstone documents.

This Capstone Archival database will be stored on a secure and encrypted Dropbox cloud storage environment and will only be available to OACP members via a secure password. If your Capstone contains names or other identifying information which you do not wish to include you may redact that information before submission if so desired.

We hope that you will all consider participating and submitting your Capstone projects and making this initiative a success. You and all OACP members will benefit from access to this information. This resource will continue to grow as each new class of graduates adds their capstones to the archives.

Special thanks to CLEE Board members Captain Bryan Snavely, CLEE Stow PD and Chief George Lichman, II, CLEE Rocky River PD for their vision and dedicated efforts in spearheading this project.

Chief Thomas Pyle, II, CLEE
CLEE Advisory Board Chairperson


To submit your Capstone project documents, please download and complete the form below.

In addition to completing the submission form, please send in also a pdf copy of your capstone power point slides, and pdf copies of other supporting documents such as an outline, final bullet paper, or executive summary which explain your project. If you no longer have your capstone documents, please consider completing at least the submission form so that general information about your capstone is archived.

Send the completed submission form and pdf copies of power point slides and other information as email attachments to Jeff Hill, CLEE Program Director at

Any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Hill at or 614-761-4603.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the lasting betterment of law enforcement across the state!